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GSM Based Locking System is an innovative safety product in this security era. It comes with dual functionalities, which gets activated in case of unauthorized entry through the shutter. First, it gives you the alert via phone call. Second, it instantly raises loud siren. It is a tailor made safety device designed for the total protection of shops, godowns, and offices from burglary.


  • Instant Loud Siren of 110 db.
  • Call alert in case of intrusion detection.
  • Battery operated : No Electricity required
  • Easy to operate. One year Guarantee.
  • Special facility of extensions to multiple shutters( On special orders).
  • Suitable for –Shops, Banks, Post offices, Apartment, Duplex, Farmhouse, Godowns and warehouses.

Fingerprint Padlock Wireless Bluetooth Lock


  • Use your fingerprint or the app to unlock: freekee lock opens with your fingerprints. Press the lever to activate the lock, press the designated finger on the scanner to unlock. Or simply fire up the app, touch the lock with any finger to activate bluetooth and unlock.
  • Manage users, check lock usage history via ios and android app: you can add as many as 7 fingerprints, freekee allows you to share the lock with your friends. You can also check historically who used the lock and at what times.
  • Ip65 waterproof with super strength and stability: made of zinc alloy with electroplating process, anti-impact and corrosion resistant material, freekee is water and weather resistant.
  • Rechargeable, easy to instal and use: fitted in with a rechargeable lithium battery, you can use micro usb cable to recharge.
  • Excellent for doors, cabinets, storage lockers, bikes.

MyHero Personal Safety Device- SOS & Live Tracking


  • Live Tracking: Real-time location and Address
  • Engine Access : Switch on or switch off vehicle using your mobile, from anywhere. A great feature for theft and related emergencies.
  • History Video: Watch full-day history video to see where your vehicle went in just 20 seconds. You can select any date. See the address and time of existence of vehicle at every place it visited.
  • Safe-Zone or Geo-fence: Mark office, home or any place as safe-zone to get a push notification on vehicle entry and exit from safe-zone. This feature keeps you updated for all entries and exist with a timestamp.
  • Daily Stats: Get Total Distance, Run Time, Idle Time, Stoppage Time, Maximum Speed and Average Speed for everyday travel of your vehicle.
  • Analytics of Daily stats: Compare daily performance on graphs with previous data points and average score.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Car, Bus, Truck, and Bikes. 8 Login: Multiple vehicles can be tracked on a single mobile dashboard.
  • Anti Theft Alarm: Instant alarm in case of theft case such as ignition turn on or towing of vehicle out of safety circle using cutting edge technology.
  • Share the location of your vehicle with family and friends without sharing the password. SAM GPS Security system can be installed at any hidden portion of the vehicle. One can track all his/her vehicles on the single mobile dashboard.